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It is our mission to be the first choice information technology systems provider for complete mobile solutions via our tailored Managed Mobility as a Service; a package we deliver from concept to implementation and every step in between, from design, prototyping and testing, through to management and ongoing support.

We deliver wherever there is a need for security, discretion and secrecy in mobile data management.  Our team has an in depth of knowledge of all aspects of the sector gained through sound technical expertise combined with several years of high level front line military experience. This makes for a formidable offering in the defence and security mobile technology arenas as well as within the commercial sector.

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Established in November 2011, Nine23 deliver integrated mobile solutions, which include bespoke software, secure hardware and through-life managed services.  We operate in the secure environment required by our clients.  An agnostic approach to all aspects of today’s technology, be it hardware or software, has enabled us to develop our own operating model focused solely on the user. We believe that the front line user should be considered before any other component in any organisation’s digital eco-system. We call this Front Line Experience (FLX). It is FLX that provides Nine23’s digital firepower in designing, building and operating the user experience.



Stuart McKean/Chief Executive Officer

Stuart is a former Army helicopter pilot with an accomplished service career spanning 23 years (15 as an aviator), which included a high profile secondment to the Royal Air Force Defence Electronic Warfare Centre at RAF Waddington where he was responsible for all aspects of the UK’s APACHE mission system integration.


As founder and owner of Nine23, Stuart is passionate about bringing mobile technology to business.

FLX - Defence95%




Iain Thomson CBE/Chief Operating Officer

Iain served in the British Army for 35 years, initially as an infantry officer and then as a rotary wing aviator. He has commanded an aviation regiment (battle group) in the air assault role, instructed at the UK Defence Academy and served in a major NATO Headquarters.

His flag appointments have included Director Army Aviation, where he was responsible for the sustainment of that capability across all the Defence lines of development; and more recently Defence Attaché Berlin, a senior diplomatic post in which he represented the broad portfolio of UK defence and security interests in a wide international setting.

FLX - Defence97%




Chris Lenaghan BSC CMgr / Account Director

Chris has completed 8 years of commissioned service with the Army Air Corps.  This time has been spent in the Apache programme as a dual-seated pilot, mission commander, and Electronic Warfare Officer with three operational tours of Afghanistan.  Progressing from Flight Command his final tour was as an Operations Officer successfully managing the training, operations, and recovery of a Squadron of Apaches to Theatre.  He is a keen trail runner who enjoys endurance events.


Expanding his technical horizons from physics degree, through software development and experience of projects in aviation and defence, he now uses his professional qualifications in Project Management .

FLX - Defence95%




Paul Ackland / Project Director

Paul served 11 years in the Royal Signals including operational tours in Africa, the Middle East, Northern Ireland and Bosnia.   His final posting was as the Commander of a Mobile Satellite communications detachment.  Since then he has over 18 years commercial experience working exclusively around project environments in both technical and management capacities.  One of his main achievements was successfully providing end to end delivery of a secure dial in solution for Eurofighter which gave all relevant countries secure access to the Eurofighter build and control database.


Paul likes to spend his spare time with his family and is also a volunteer crewman for a local independent lifeboat station being on Pager and duty most weekends and evenings.

FLX - Defence93%


Project Management97%



Duncan Brindley / Chief Financial Officer

Duncan is an MBA with 15 years experience in IBM Global Financing which saw him working at various times as the senior EMEA leasing / corporate planning interface; running the sensitive used mainframe operation in EMEA; managing a cross-border leasing boutique in Switzerland; and, setting up a centralised bad debt back-office operation in Hungary. Leaving IBM in July 2005 he worked as an independent management consultant mostly on international projects at Apple.

He joined the new online video start-up Videojuicer part time in 3Q 2007 and became a Director in 2008 with responsibility for “all the money and all the paper”. At various times he has raised equity, debt and convertible loan funding for that business. He joined Nine23 in October 2013.





Iain Galloway / Service Manager

With 12 years service in the British Army, Royal Signals, serving as a Radio Network Manager, and 14 years in the commercial world, Iain has worked in both the commercial and the public sector in equal measures. His focus has been on delivering technical solutions to law enforcement agencies, the security services and the military both in the UK and overseas. Recent deliveries have been to agencies in the Middle and Far East.

His professional experiences include a recent position as a Senior Technical Sales Engineer, providing service-oriented technical advice and support to global sales opportunities and projects across the company’s product range.
He also engaged with the technical contacts within his customer and overseas channel partner organisations, to understand their needs, ensuring that products were positioned correctly, understood, and any technical objections overcome.

FLX - Defence90%


Service Management95%










Frontline Experience // Digital Firepower

Data is knowledge. Information is power. Information superiority is a differentiator for any individual and their organisation. Nine23 manage digital resources and assets on behalf of your users. These can be provided when needed for the task at hand on your organisation's front line. A map, a manual, a report or a service that delivers the task on demand, securely to your mobile device. We call this Digital Fire Power (DFP).  The user interface and user experience are the medium by which DFP can be deployed. Our systems, services and platforms form the focal point for our Front Line Experience (FLX).Don't be caught out with an ineffectual mobile solution that doesn't do what the front line needs.  If it doesn't you've successfully procured a paper weight.


Nine23 has come a long way in a relatively short space of time. Part of the reason for this accelerated progress is the management team having many years of business experience, both good and less so; it’s often said that you learn more through your failures than through your successes.

We are committed to giving people with potential a chance in our business and to that end we currently employ a number of apprentices and interns. We would also like to offer support to those who are starting out in employment or have set up in business. In particular we are keen to support those with a military background as that is where we have come from; but we are also interested to meet anyone with an IT idea or a technology persuasion who may be struggling to find a niche.


We would be glad to hear from anyone interested in finding a mentor. Whilst we are not a charity, we are keen to give something back, so if we can help, we will.


Please get in touch if you are interested.

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Terms & Conditions

“GPC payments”

Nine23 provides products and services to multiple public sector clients and specialises in the Policing and Defence sectors.  Nine23 would normally issue invoices for its products and services for electronic bank transfer payment but, if required, is able to accept payments on a Government Procurement Card (GPC).  For such payments the following specific terms and conditions apply:

1.  Privacy Policy – Nine23 do not store credit card details nor do we share customer financial details with any 3rd parties

2.  Delivery Policy – any device delivery will be to an agreed single warehouse / delivery address specified in the project Operating Agreement

3.  Refund / Cancellation Policy – once the service is accepted there is no option to cancel or refund any payments

4. Pricing – pricing will be detailed in the project Operating Agreement

5.  Contact information – Nine23 Ltd can be reached per the contact information on this website.


We are Cyber Essentials and iso 9001 certified


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